We’re a digital development studio proudly based in Ohio.

Seejaykay Software began in early 2011 after our company’s founder, Cody, began building fun, small apps for the App Store. With a love of video games as well as the accelerating growth of the App Store, the team at Seejaykay Software saw the potential for a combination of the two and saw rapid success in the industry.

Seejaykay Software continues to update our suite of over 20 apps as well as design new and engaging experiences by including new technologies like Augmented Reality.

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Cody J. Kerns

Founder // Lead Developer
Cody cofounded Seejaykay Software in 2011 as a self-taught developer. Cody’s software has been used by millions and have been at the top of the iOS App Store charts in dozens of countries.


Craig G. Kerns

Founder // Chief Executive Officer
Craig cofounded Seejaykay Software with Cody, and serves as the company’s CEO. Craig guides the company’s direction as steadfastly as he has for nearly a decade.



While we do not currently have any open positions, we are always interested in hearing from potential candidates. If you think you’d be a great fit at Seejaykay Software, send us your resumé.


More about our history

We built the first fully-featured Minecraft skin editor on the App Store in late 2011, which spawned an entire industry on similar apps (of varying levels of quality, unfortunately). We’ve built apps that allow you to customize nearly every element of the core Minecraft games- including skins, textures, add-ons, and even the elusive and desired cape. We haven’t stopped with just Minecraft, though. We build companion apps for games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Pokémon GO, and more.


Frequently asked questions

How many times have your apps been downloaded?
Over 20 million times!

What’s with the name?
Cody’s initials are C, J, K.

I need help with one of your apps!
Send us a message and we can help.