Business Services

In addition to building top notch mobile apps for consumers, we are also work directly with businesses to help them succeed. Looking to give your business an upgrade? Check out the options below and get in touch.


Mobile App Development and Management

From internal company tools, to consumer-facing products, and even games, we can build it for you. Take advantage of the device in everyone’s pockets.


Website Development and Management

The web isn’t what it used to be, and the website your friend’s buddy built you isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Is your website responsive and mobile friendly? Over 50% of all web traffic now happens through a mobile device- and you’re losing business to the competitors who are taking their websites seriously. We’ll make sure your website looks how it needs to look on all devices and get your online presence back on track.


Tech Consulting

Let’s face it: technology is changing at a pace we’ve never before seen. If you’re not using the latest tools for you business, you’re losing time, energy, and profits. We can set your business up with the system it needs to handle your growing business.


Consumer Products

Seejaykay Software designs and develops consumer-facing applications dedicated to popular video games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and more. With over 20 million downloads of our apps, it’s no wonder so many of our users rely on us to solve their gaming needs.


Skin Creator for Minecraft

Create a custom skin design to use with in Minecraft Pocket Edition, Java Edition, and more. Features 500,000+ family friendly user-submitted designs.

Cape Creator for Minecraft

Create a custom cape design to use with mods on Minecraft Java Edition on Mac and PC. Features 100,000+ family friendly user-submitted designs.


Cheat Sheet
for Fortnite

View weekly challenges, weapons, maps, and more. Stay up to date with your wins and losses by checking your profile stats for any major platform.